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Time-based support

If you currently have a Drupal site - whether you created it or hired someone to do it - Growing Venture Solutions would like to offer you support.

Time-based support

The goal of Time-Based Support is to be able to provide tactical, prioritized assistance to update or fix parts of your site. This is done under a plan where you pay per hour of support. Time-Based Support requires a 6 month, 5 hours per month minimum.

If you'd like a guaranteed response within one business day, then our Time-Based Support agreement is the best solution. With a support agreement, support is available via email, an online issue tracker and/or mobile phone during normal business hours, 5 days a week. Outside of these hours, support is generally provided on a best reasonable effort basis. Holidays where support is not available: New Year's Eve & Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Use it or donate it

Support agreements are on a "use it or donate it" basis. Any time not used to support you will be donated to bug fixes and features on the modules maintained by GVS. Since those modules often form the basis of most every site, this takes the "use it or lose it" model and turns it into a "use it or donate it" model.

Intensive up-front support

Every site is different. Five hours monthly tends to cover ongoing site updates plus a couple of detailed technical questions or emerging issues. We often find that clients need a more intensive up-front period to evaluate or remediate an existing site. Typical tasks are major site upgrades, performance and/or security reviews, implementing good backup procedures, theme revisions, etc. In some cases, intensive up-front support can also be provided without an extended support contract.

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GVS is now part of Acquia.

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Contact Acquia if you are interested in a Drupal Support or help with any products GVS offered such as the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD).

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