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GVS, Drupal Scout, acquired by industry leader Acquia

We're excited to announce that Growing Venture Solutions and Drupal Scout have been acquired by Acquia. As a leading provider of cloud and support services for Drupal, it was clear that Acquia provides a unique complement of infrastructure and scalability to Drupal Scout. Following discussions about how best to work together, we decided to join the Acquia team. As a result, several GVS brands and the core GVS team are now part of Acquia. We are really excited for this opportunity.

Plans for GVS brands

In addition to the expert Drupal consulting, security training, security review services that we'll be taking to Acquia, GVS has several spinoff brands, many—but not all—of which are now part of Acquia.

  • Mastering Drupal: screencasts and e-books for learning Drupal. The Mastering Drupal brand and content are a great complement to the existing Acquia Library and Acquia training
  • UseCOD.com: Branding for the Conference Organizing Distribution. COD will remain a community distribution, and Ezra plans to continue as the project's maintainer. Moving the brand lets us put more marketing muscle behind it for increasing adoption of the platform and Drupal. We've got more details about the future of COD on that site's blog.

In contrast to those projects/brands:

  • Certified to Rock will remain an independent project. We are working to establish a broad team of Drupal community members to manage the service. The current CTR team will continue to play a big role in the project. If you are interested in helping to run CTR, read more about the CTR groupie program.

Plans for GVS team

The core GVS team will be joining Acquia.

  • Greg and Ben will help grow Acquia's security offerings, with Greg as the Director of Security Services and Ben as a Senior Engineer focusing on products for Drupal security.
  • Ezra is bringing his experience as a distribution maintainer to the Acquia Commons distribution, where he'll be working as a Senior Engineer.
  • Continuing her focus on user experience, Lisa will be working on a range of Acquia products as a Usability Specialist.
  • Instead of joining the rest of the team at Acquia, Carl will continue to work as an independent consultant and trainer in the Denver area.

We're so grateful to our clients and to the amazing Drupal community who helped to make this possible!

For now we will all be staying in the same locations. You can expect to see us at events in New York and Colorado just like always.

As individuals we may make the time to blog about why we joined Acquia and our time at GVS. Greg did already.


Congratulations! This would


This would lead to even better Drupal world domination plan ;)
Also, thanks for infos about mastering Drupal and Acquia library. Never really know they are this good.

I'm doing a lot tutorial printing at the moment. Video is best, but nothing can replace physical book when need speedy reference.

Holy cow

Congratulations, guys!

certified to rock & acquia = a questionable system

IDK about allowing the drupal project founder to own the main rating service for drupal programmers. especially when acquia could use such to boost their own business past others through such. CTR should break-off into its own completely or a new similar service should be launched


I'll say it, so the GVS folks don't have to:

RTFA. It says right there that "Certified to Rock will remain an independent project". Assuming more non-Acquians join the team, the CTR Groupies program assures the separation of church and state.

(I'm an Acquia employee, but writing this wearing my Drupalista hat. No kittens were harmed, void where prohibited, etc.)

Great idea. I couldn't agree

Great idea. I couldn't agree more. Luckily we thought of that and took care of it already ;)

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CertifiedToRock.com was created to allow community members and employers to get a sense of someone's involvement with the Drupal project.

GVS is now part of Acquia.

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